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Hamburguesa del mes la sabrosa, Santo Pecado

Burger of the month


We present “THE BASTARD” Burger of the month of November, a creation that combines classic flavors with a special touch. Each bite is an explosion of unforgettable flavors.

Two juicy and tasty 100% smash beef, cooked to perfection on the grill to achieve that delicious crispy crust on the outside and juiciness on the inside, pickles, homemade Holy Pickle sauce, bacon, onion, lettuce and double cheddar cheese.

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hamburguesa de 3kg en Santo Pecado, Daimus

Are you a Sinner?

Dare to the challenge...

Welcome to the challenging Santo Pecado challenge! Do you have the appetite and courage to tackle a 2kg burger in just 45 minutes? If so, get ready for an epic experience. If you manage to devour every last crumb in that time, you will not only leave with a full stomach, but you will also earn the eternal admiration and recognition of the house. You will be crowned the undisputed champion of Holy Sin!

However, if the 2kg burger becomes impossible to finish within the 45 minute limit, don’t worry. The price of defeat is €46.00, and you will have the right to remember this brave attempt. At Santo Pecado, we celebrate all the brave who rise to our challenge, no matter the outcome.

Are you ready to put your cooking skills to the test and earn champion status? Come and accept the Santo Pecado challenge today! Do you have any questions or need more information? We are here to serve you!

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