Our company

We welcome “Santo Pecado Smash Burger”! In the year 2021, a group of friends, fond of smash burgers and the authentic essence of American food, decided to merge our passions and live in this unique culinary style. As if we were new locals, we always had our friends with enthusiasm for the creation of gastronomic experiences that conquered the heart and taste of our customers.

In Santo Pecado, innovation is another unique one. Our enorgullece presents new and exciting combinations of savory meats and new smash burgers every month. We believe that creativity has no limits, and because our work is constantly evolving. Every visit is an opportunity to discover a unique culinary recipe, designed to serve even the most demanding paladares.

This experience is not held in monthly innovation. To help you get the most out of your emotions, we created a culinary challenge of spicy proportions: the 3 kg hamburger. Are you able to eat and devour it in less than 30 minutes? Hasta ahora, nadie ha logrado conquistar este monumental return, convirtiéndolo en una leyenda entre los lovers de la comida. Will you be the hero who broke this record?

In “Santo Pecado Smash Burger,” we only continue to excel in the food, but also create a friendly atmosphere and
lleno de buena energía. We strive to convert each visit into a memorable and unique experience, where the passion for food is combined with the quality of hospitality.

We do not hope to unite with our neighbors and emerge in the delicious world of “Santo Pecado.” These are the lists to be taken into account, deleted and removed from our original creciente
family of smash burger lovers. We hope with the most tempting savors and most autentic sounds!